Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Glamour Magazine and The Chickens are Coming!

Check out the January 2011 issue of Glamour. There is a few sentences about Hens for Haiti in the article, Haiti: One Year Later, on page 67.

Christie and I (Cameron) are preparing for our up coming trip in January. It appears that everything is going smoothly. Peter, from the Kembe Foundation and who is been a great help to our project, is confident that our chickens will arrive!

Here is the link to Peter's most recent update :

Sherley and Fabrice have applied for the Clinton Global Initiative University for 2011. It is a great opportunity to share our project with others, but to learn about all the other amazing project happening around the world.

Monday, November 29, 2010

About Hens for Haiti

In an effort to increase sustainable agriculture and food security in rural Haiti, this group supports egg production at it's grandest! Build a "Poulaye" in Gros Morne, Haiti to bring jobs, nutrition and hope to an enthusiastic community!

More to come in the very near future