Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to Haiti (Byenvini ann Ayiti)

Cameron and I made it to safely to Port-au-Prince yesterday morning and made the 4-hour trip to Gros-Morne. After some much needed sleep, early this morning we set out to take a look at the progress of the hen house. Even though the road had been washed out a little, we were able to access the property by 4-wheeler and the help of Mitch (a year-long volunteer with the RJM sisters).

We found the section of land designated for the hen house nicely enclosed with a security fence. Unfortunately the fence was locked and we didn't have the key. This means we weren't able to walk around the area itself, but at least we know it is secure. Inside the fence we could see the two buildings designated for storage and the guardian residence. The hand-dug well was also inside the fence. This will eventually provide water to the facility as well as the surrounding community.

After our adventures across the river, we walked back to the house and started to plan our time for the next two weeks. During that time, we will be talking with the managers of the hen house and market women who currently sell eggs. We will also be discussing with Sr. Pat what is necessary to complete this project when she returns from a quick trip to Miami. Our next trip to Port-au-Prince, we will meet with Peter (founder of the Kembe Foundation) and discuss how to proceed with the next step.

We are both very excited with the achievements of this project so far. Just being in Haiti gives us new inspiration and more strength to make it a success! Because I will be staying for several months, I will be able to dedicate my full time to completing the work. I look forward to updates of further progress.

Thank you all for your support and please keep in touch!

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